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    Gaim Strange Problem

    These days I reinstall my Linux ,and I want to install gaim.I compiled with source code ,and also have mozilla-nss,mozilla-nspr(1.4.1) there are MSN and ICQ plugins present. I used Gaim with PROXY to connect to these servers,but the problem occured echoing YOU DISCONNECTED FORM SERVERS(can't connect to the servers).Both ICQ and MSN can't connect.
    But when I used AMSN with same PROXY ip and port ,I got connected...every thing is OK,and I don't think this is my compiled and installed fault with gaim,because I have done it in another machine in somewhere,and all is ok.
    Because I addressed in a Education Net with no route to the MSN and ICQ server.So I used proxy.Is there a probability for gaim open extra ports to connect ,and the proxy block these ports?

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    gaim connects on 1863 for icq and 443 & 5190 for msn i think. None of these shoudl be blocked. if u compiled gaim check the summary at the end of the configure. it needs some extra libraries to compile some plugins etc.

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    Yes,at the end of configure either mozilla-nss or GNUTLS was found.Also I tried used rpms to install on different Linux,but seems nothing different.
    It sounds very strange,the error messages opened very soon after I clicked the SIGNON button.
    Seemed only try to connect,but can't find a address.But Amsn just during a period time trying was success connected.

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    Gaim with Proxy for ICQ just changed the ICQ login port to 443.Unfortunately MSN plugin still can't work.

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