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    X is very very dead - please help!

    Upon starting up my RedHat 8 system I received errors when X started trying to start up - these read INIT: Id "x" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes'

    This had occurred after I had reinstalled KDE from my original RedHat Install Discs.

    I did some searching and know that INIT is trying to enter run level 5 and start x but something is missing or wrongly configured. I also checked through the /var/log directory but cannot see anything specific beyond the "respawning" error listed above.

    Currently I am unable to get X to start at all. When I run "startx" a badly
    deformed X terminal starts with the mouse pointer being the only visible thing.

    My question is how can I determine the cause of this OR how should I go about removing ALL traces of X, KDE, Gnome etc. allowing me reinstall these from scratch? There are bits and peaces of gnome and kde all over the place.

    rpm -e says that they are not installed despite the fact that "whereis kde" or "whereis gnome" says that they are ...

    Any ideas??? !

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    find / -name *kde* -print
    whereis startkde

    use that as root, and see what it finds. maybe try to post your xfree log, located in /var/log

    Good luck

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