When I start the SideCandyMount desklet, I get this error (which I can ignore and it'll continue running):
No Control could be found for interface IExec:5vi419q1fv0vmu9wqadmetmy7

This means that a functionality won't be available during execution!
V Details (5 lines)
>   1 iexec = get_control('IExec:5vi419q1fv0vmu9wqadmetmy7')                         
[] Ignore erros from this desklet
Does anyone know how I can:
Fix this problem (I can view and, I'm assuming, change the desklet's code)?
Make it so that this error will never show up again?

The feature that is missing is the mount/unmount feature...which is essentially the reason I was looking at this desklet (and that it shows how much of the mount point is used...space available)

I have gDesklets starting when I boot my computer and, since I have about 7 instances of this desklet running, I have 7 errors pop up. I'd really like to use this desklet specifically because the other mount desklets don't have the same features, they don't look as good, and they don't work (at all)

Thanks in advance for any help!