i have suse 10, and i use kinternet as my internet login manager. i have a wireless connection and its set to start at boot. and when i login, my internet doesn't work. however, i know that my wireless card is associating itself with the access point because on the kinternet, i go to 'wireless connection' and on the tab with 'current connection' its associated with the access point i have it home. also, the green light for 'associated' is on. and it shows all the details for my access point, like the access point MAC address, signal quality, etc. however, the thing that it doesn't have is 'broadcast,' 'IP,' and 'netmask.' this only shows up when i click on the 'scan for wireless networks' tab and then click on my access point and enter in my WEP key and click connect. and that's the only way i can access the internet. my router is set on DHCP. is it possible that the WEP is not inserting itself automatically? and is that why the IP address isnt assigned until i enter in my WEP key and click connect again?. in the YaST network configuration, the WEP is already in there, so i'm not sure why it's not inserting itself there. also, is there a way to write a script to automatically do this? thanks.