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    Dialing from my linux box (and a decent PCI voice modem)

    Hi There,
    I did some searching in the forums but didn't come across the answers I needed. I'm trying to find an application that I can use to automatically dial out through my home phone line through Linux. Ideally this would be an application that can be driven from the command line, and would have features like the ability to insert pauses (for dialing phone extensions, etc.). If anyone has a recommendation on a modem that supports voice for Linux that would be greatly appreciated too.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Nobody know of anything?!

    Come on! I didn't expect this question to go unanswered.

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    Did you check here

    there are some software under Networking / Dialup

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    I was looking for a way to use a linux station as a phone too.

    Has someone tryed: QtPhone ?

    For a command line "automatic" dialing capability,
    you could use "minicom" and "ATDTxxxx" instructions
    via some scripts ?
    (what about Bayonne ?

    For my part, I was unable to get the "voice" feature of a modem
    "AOpen FM56-PLM (using the CONEXANT chip set)"
    even after "purchasing" the "hcfpcimodem" driver (version 1.05full) from Linuxant:
    (I have just tried the version 1.10full but no voice... for my AOpen...)
    You may see the "DP Part number" by issuing the "ATI6" command
    when talking with the modem, like using "minicom"
    on the proper device, like
    /dev/ttySHCF0 (if using a linuxant hcf driver).

    My modem responded "DP Part 74" but...
    Fax and Voice support (PCI version only) are still preliminary and have not yet been sufficiently tested. Voice is limited to V.92 modems (73DP) for now.

    I was told that:
    The voice functionality with datapump 74 might work but it hasn't been
    tested at this time. (Fri Aug 1 02:54:55 EDT 2003)

    I am also interested to know of any recommendation on a modem that supports voice for Linux.

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    I know it has be ages since the last post (4years) but i'm in an urgent need of such RTC voice modem compatible with linux. i found some USRob. 56k voice fax/modems 56k PCI but i can't find any linux drivers :'( ...

    Did anybody found a Linux compatible RTC voice Modem ?

    Thanks a lot,

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