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Thread: SuSE Ksplash?

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    SuSE Ksplash?

    I've seen screenies of the new SuSE 10 KDE splash screen, is there anyway we can have a splash screen like that on non-SuSE systems? I'm running KDE 3.5 on Ubuntu Breezy.

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    It can be easily extracted from a running system and tarred for redployment. There are some similar splashes on kde-look. If you're wondering about the specifics of the splash, for instance the fullscreen factor and the animation, you may want to have a look at the redmond splash. It is basically an XP lookalike, but more importantly the 'redmond' engine it uses is I believe what is used in the Suse splash.

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    According to a screenshot, it is labelled as suse-ksplashx. I'm starting to think ksplashx is an actual engine. Is the SuSE LiveCD compressed like Knoppix? If it isin't, I think I have an idea, get the files off the LiveCD!

    edit: I found the KDEbase package for SuSE 10, and I'm extracting it to look at the files.

    edit again: FOUND IT!!!
    Well, it's got an intresting theme.rc:
    [KSplash Theme: ksplashx-suse]
    Name = SUSE
    Description = SUSE Splash Screen
    Version = 1.0
    A folder full of images named 1600x1200, containing images and this description.txt:
    IMAGE 1 0 0 back.png
    ANIM 1 486 442 37 anim.png 100
    IMAGE 2 930 375 kmenu_b.png
    IMAGE 3 930 515 desktop_b.png
    IMAGE 4 930 655 conf_b.png
    IMAGE 4 930 655 conf.png
    IMAGE 3 930 515 desktop.png
    IMAGE 2 930 375 kmenu.png
    What does this mean?

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    I think once you have the theme.rc and all of the images in a tarred folder you can then add it through KDE Control Centre. Or possibly just drop it into the relevent location in your own installation.

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