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    Firefox 1.5 won't play embedded videos

    Well, I thought it would just be my system's problem but the person in this thread:, also has the problem under Mandriva.

    I installed Firefox 1.5 using portage within Gentoo and everything seemed ok...until I went to some sites that have embedded video. The only thing I get is sound, but I see nothing.

    Can someone recommend something I could do to get video working within Firefox? I also have mplayerplug-in installed (a plugin to play mplayer videos within firefox) but it doesn't seem to work.

    Thanks in advance for any and all advice!

    EDIT: I've been using Opera for video playback in the meantime, and it works fine....but I'd really like to get Firefox working

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    no answers from me, I'm afraid, but I have the same problem with the kafiene plugin and Firefox 1.5. With the additional anoyance of, if I click on the URL button within the kafiene screen, it shows the url of the video to be played. When I close this popup it kills Firefox!

    So it looks like firefox has a problem with video plugins.


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    I had the same problem on FC4 with firefox 1.5

    for me it was the adblock extension that was causing the problem. I had to turn off Obj-Tabs in the adblock preferences (ctrl-shift-p) to get them working.

    I had read that disabling Obj-Tabs made shockwave flash work, it seems to work with the mplayerplug-in as well.

    hope this helps!

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    /omg You just taught me how to make that bloody shockwave work again !

    About video in firefox 1.5 I don't know (I'll look pathetic but i'll stick to Firefox 1.0x until my favorite theme is updated so that it fully works with FF1.5 ^^), I'll try another time ^^

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    The mplayer bug has been solved, I posted the solution on that thread, see the messages on the end of the thread

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