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    to all nvidia users. . .just asking..

    just wnna ask u users of nvida driver.. . what is the appropriate thing to use... i have a GF2 MX 400 64mb card.. AGP and i m confused on what is being said on the readme text of the driver about using:

    AGPART and NVAGP. ..

    what is the best config to use? ?

    (actually when i checked my agp status, it was loaded as AGPART.. but as i read the text file it said that :

    ************************************************** ****************
    Please note that NVIDIA's internal AGP support cannot work if AGPGART
    is either statically compiled into your kernel or is built as a
    module, but loaded into your kernel (some distributions load AGPGART
    into the kernel at boot up). Default: 3 (the default was 1 until after

    ************************************************** ***********

    m really confused. . .- please help. . .

    guys just a follow up bout agpart and nvagp :

    although my chipset (intel 845) is nvagp supported, still agpart is the driver that is displayed in my
    agp status (/proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status) - i even configured this in xorg:

    i used : option "NvAgp" "3" - default suggestion of the readme file (3 stands for, try AGPART, if failed, try NVAGP)

    hmm why is that so? any comments? is agpart really my agp driver eventhough my chipset is nvagp supported? ?
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    if it works use it,never had any problems with either

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