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    How to put info command output into a file?

    Sometimes when working with man pages I'd do 'man whatever | col -b > somefile'. That way I could vi somefile & easily search, move up/down, etc--without having to learn the man way of navigating. I'd like to do the same with the info command. Is this possible?

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    Linux Newbie mindblast's Avatar
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    But why? Is preety easy to navigate into manual pages.
    [code]man pachage/code]
    and there you got up and down for moving up and down with one row, and PgUp and PgDn to navigate up and down with one page...

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    It's the same with every command. You can 'pipe' commands through other commands (or programs), I often do 'emerge -s program | less', so I can scroll up and down to read the output of 'emerge -s program'.

    edit: so yes, you can use info > somefile
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    Hi thanks for the quick reply's.

    Mindblast: I seem to remember when working with man (on linux, solaris, hp all different unix'es) sometimes things work differently. Rather than learn the subtleties of each, I'd rather just use vi. For instance on a SunOS, i just tried PageUp/PageDown on 'man man' & it doesnt work.

    psic: DOH! Such a simple answer I'm embarressed for even posting this topic Thanks.

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