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    FireFox question

    Hey, this question isn't really about Linux, but I know that there are some really knowledgeable people here, so I will ask it any way.

    At school, we all have windows accounts with regular user settings. However, the computers have deepfreeze on them so any files that you save into your files, will be deleted by the next day. You do have the option to save your files in drive H:// which is a remote server.

    So, I installed firefox, and saved the program files on my storage space inside the remote server. Now I can use firefox at school. The only problem is that all of the config files are not located in this folder, but are stored on my account. This means that history, extensions, cache, bookmarks, etc... are cleared everyday. Do you guys know if there is a way to change the path of firefox's config files so that i can put them in my storage folder? Thanks.

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    Not sure I understand exactly what you are wanting to do, but you could take a look at "about:config" to see if it will help.

    Just enter that in your location bar.

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    I just realized right now, that i posted this in the linux appilations forums, i ment to put it in the coffie lounge, cuz it isn't realted to linux at all. Opps

    By the way, i couldn't find this option under about:config.

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    That location is compiled in, meaning to change it you must recompile firefox and tell it where you want the directory to be.

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    You might look into Portable Firefox:

    Basically, it stores everything on a USB key, including themes, extensions, configs, etc. This way, you could also transfer your profile between multiple computers.

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