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    mplayer dependecies

    I am having trouble installing mplayer rpms on my machine. Currently running RH9.

    I am running into dependecies problems:

    [root@localhost mplayer]# rpm -Uvh mplayer-common-0.92-1.i386.rpm

    error: Failed dependencies:
    mplayer = 0.92 is needed by mplayer-common-0.92-1

    So then I will run:

    [root@localhost mplayer]# rpm -Uvh mplayer-0.92-1.i386.rpm

    error: Failed dependencies:
    mplayer-common = 0.92 is needed by mplayer-0.92-1

    Each one is calling for the other one. It is like a never ending circle. Can someone please help.

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    I'm going to recommend that you compile Mplayer from source. You'll get much more optimizations. Because it can be a bit to tackle in the beginning, you can post any error messages that you might encounter during compilation.
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    source is probably a good plan if u know what u r doing, but for what u r trying to do.

    rpm -Uvh mplayer-common-blahblah mplayer-0.92-blahblah

    this will install both files concurrently. This same commadn works for any number of files.

    u can also use wildcards. eg. rpm -Uvh mplayer*rpm (to install all rpm files in current dir starting with mplayer)


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