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Thread: Starting a prog

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    Starting a prog

    Let's say I have a prog that I start from a terminal with the format ./prog

    How can I get that 'script' to be run from a desktop icon?

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    What desktop enviroment do you use?

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    Hi Kriss.

    KDE, Suse 9.0
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    Shortcut Icons

    Although KDE is much more comfortable than the average UNIX® window manager, everyone wants a solution for a one-click way to start a program. Later, you will learn how to create links and files on your desktop, but this also has some disadvantages: sometimes all your desktops are filled up with windows, and you cannot reach your icons without minimizing all the windows that cover them. For commonly used programs, you can minimize this problem and speed access by creating shortcut icons on the KDE panel.

    To create a shortcut on the Kicker panel, you have some choices: Drag-and-drop, or via a menu.

    Procedure 6.3. Adding a shortcut icon with the menu


    Click on the application starter and choose Panel Menu->Add->Application.

    You will see the top level of the application starter again. Go through the menus to find the entry for which you want to create the shortcut, such as Home directory or Konqueror. Click on the program you want.

    A new icon will appear on the panel. Click on it, and the program will start.

    Adding a shortcut icon with drag-and-drop is even simpler - just drag any icon from your desktop, or a Konqueror window, to an empty space on the panel.

    What happens when you drag an item to your panel depends on what kind of item it is:

    If you drag a directory...

    A menu will pop up giving you a choice of Add as a File Manager URL or Add as a QuickBrowser. Choosing the first will create an icon that opens a Konqueror window, starting at this directory, while choosing the latter will open that directory as a menu from the Panel.
    If you drag a shortcut from your desktop...

    It will be copied to the panel.
    If you drag a document...

    A link will be made on the panel, leaving the original in place. Clicking on the resulting icon will open that document in the default application.

    In any case, if you want to move the icon, click on it using the right mouse button and choose Move. Move the icon to the position you want and press the left mouse button. If you wish to remove the icon, click on it using the right mouse button and choose Remove. You can also move the icon by clicking with the middle mouse button, and dragging it to it's new location.

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