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    Firefox causes amarok to skip/pause.

    I'm running Suse 10 on the box referenced in my sig below. After I found the RPMs for Firefox 1.5 and installed them I noticed it frequently caused problems when I tried to listen to music files and surf the web at the same time. The best way I can describe it is like when you have a bad CD or bump into the player, but these files are being read off of the hard drive. I can't pin it to one single action, but scrolling wiht the wheel mouse up/down the page, opening a new tab, switching tabs, and switching to Firefox after it has been minimized all seem to cause this. The problem isn't constant, but does occur with enough frequency to be a real annoyance. I've switched back to version 1.07 which is the most recent version that comes with the distro, and now notice that it does this as well. I guess I could have overlooked this in the past, I can't say for sure.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Is this a limitation of Linux's ability to mulitask, or is one of the two programs involved doing something wrong?

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    Do you have a fast enough computer? What GUI are you using? It could be that you just don't have enough power to run both at once and it pauses to load the page in Firefox, although it shouldn't be THAT bad.

    Oh, sorry I had to edit this, I just saw your signature. Yeah, you have plenty memory obviously, this shouldn't be happening, I'll test it out on mine a sec.

    Ok, I just played some music in amaroK and was loading pages in Firefox at the same time, no skipping at all. I don't know what your problem would be then.

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    I been having similar issues and I dont use Suse. Similar uses when im playing music from the browser for example..

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