I have a couple of Windows applications that I use with wine that seem to run perfectly fine. I use Remote Administrator 2.2 to transfer files and stuff b/c of the blocked file sharing ports on the network here. I was wondering about something though. If I run a Radmin server under wine, when I mouse over the system tray icon it shows my IP as, but I've never had a need to radmin my desktop from the laptop to see if it works anyway, and just now I installed the game "Dirt Track Racing 2" and was going to host a server for a big race my uncle and his friends are having Wednesday because none of them have fast enough internet to host a server and play on it at the same time. However when I bring up the game server window it too shows my IP as I haven't had a chance to test it with anything but will this stop people from being able to connect to my server? I'm hoping that the program is just detecting my IP incorrectly and will accept incoming connections when they are detected, but then again if it's not picking up my eth0 interface correctly will it acknowledge incoming connections? If any of you have any experience with running windows programs under this kind of situation and could lend me any help it would be appreciated.