I am looking for a usenet client that will run on debian and would have a web interface. I was really looking for something that is binary, not PHP or CGI based. I have MySQL running on the same server, so if it need a DB, that's fine, but I really do not want it to run though my Apache Server. I spent entire day looking through everything that sourceforge.net has on the subject, tried out few packages, but nothing good. I really would like a binary package that would run on a given port a serve the web interface on that port. Basically like mlDonkey but for usenet. I was also looking for the program to be able to download and decode binary files as well as to be able to read and reply to text posts. But after looking through everything out there now it looks like it would be easier for me to find and clone a unicorn then to find something like that (not that I am looking for unicorns)

Any ideas,

- Bogdan