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    Talking Converting from Kword to Microsoft Word


    I've been trying to convert my Kword documents to Microsoft Word doc's so I can share them with my non-Linux-using friend. I've saved them as .doc in Kword and my MS Word reads them fine, but hers converts it into 180 pages of gibberish. Any suggestions?


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    I'm not totally sure about this but I think that Kword can import Microsoft Word's .doc documents but it can't export them. In addition, I don't think Microsoft Word is advanced enough to import Kword docs. You could try saving the Kword docs as text files under another name in Kword, then loading them in Microsoft Word as text files, then saving them as Word .doc files. Of course, you'll lose any formatting you've applied.

    If there is some coversion tool, maybe someone else here will post about it.

    Good luck with the conversion process.


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    So you're saying when your friend tries to save the work on her computer, it becomes gibberish? Hmm, you could try having her save it as rtf file which I am sure both KWord and MS Word can understand.

    Otherwise, try suggesting that your friend gives Open Office 2 a go.
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    or you could use openoffice 2 because I use that and save many files in .doc format and beside some minor formatting issues on certain documents the transfer is smooth. I use this for all my papers and stuff related to school with no complaints from professors.
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    Thanks! I'll give Openoffice a try. That might solve the problem.

    Thank you for all of your advice!

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