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    AmoroK won't import aac's or mpeg-4's, or mp4's, or, m4a's, or whatever you call 'em

    I was thrilled when AmoroK played all my iTunes files from my Windows partition, however if I try to import aac's it comes back with nothing, except a few mp3's i have from my days with Windows Media Center... It act's like it doesn't know the format even though it plays. I really want to use linux for everything i do on my computer, and i do, except for putting music on my ipod. If there is no way to get my aac's to work properly in AmoroK then i would appreciate it if someone told me how to convert them to them to oggs,
    because i could then put linux on my ipod and be happy... (
    There is no problem so complicated that you cannot find a very simple answer to it if you look at it in the right way

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    Hi there - good and bad news for you. The creator of Amarok originally did not want to support propietary formats such as wma and aac. Under a lot of pressure to include these filetypes in his scans he resisted I believe, because it was not the 'free' way. But there were hacks and patches you could add to taglib and the search engine.

    So bad news is your current version won't import wma or aac (mp4) but version 1.40 of amarok which is due for release next month includes support for adding these filetypes to your library. I'm kind of excited about this one myself. I have been transcoding my wma's to mp3 but without tag information it sucks. So when this is in the library, all tags will be read and there are plenty of amarok scripts to do automated converting and retagging. Happy days....

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    Thanks a lot! This is very exiting for me as well, since I have wanted to completly delete Windows off of my computer for a while, but have been held back by this. I would consider that all I have to do is download the newer version of AmoroK to fix this a very good thing, since I won't be struggling to get it to work, just waiting...

    There is no problem so complicated that you cannot find a very simple answer to it if you look at it in the right way

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