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    mplayer full screen (sdl)

    Hey all,

    I have a file/game/etc server hooked up to my tv.
    For a while i was running fedora 3 on it.

    Well recently i decided to switch to gentoo as i like the os a bit more and decided i didn't want the 'bloat' that comes with fedora.

    Anyway, i have everything set up and working for the most part.

    The problem is that i like to use this system to watch movies and whatnot that are saved on my harddrive. On the fedora system i used:
    mplayer -vo sdl filename
    In order to get a full screen movie.

    The video card i have is the original ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon (32M AGP) [no number associated with this card, but linux tends to detect it as a 7200]. So i start xorg using the vesa driver and everything seems hunky-dorey. I tried to watch a fullscreen movie and its all scrambled. The normal x11 driver
    mplayer -vo x11 filename
    works fine.... i just can't get full screen under it (creates a black border around the video).
    To be honest i have no idea what sdl is, i just know thats how i got full screen movies before.

    I've tried moving to ati/radeon/fglrx drivers and get the same result.
    Using the gl driver
    mplayer -vo gl filename
    i get fullscreen and its clear, but its jerky.
    glxgears gives an output of 250 fps.... which i don't think is good since my mobile nvidia card gets 2500 and it certainly isn't top of the line either.

    I don't really need a good card in this system as i don't play any games over the video quality of the snes. But having a clear fullscreen video sure would be helpful.

    Oh one more thing. I'm using icewm on this system and was using gnome on the fedora system. I can't imagine that would have anything to do with it, but who knows...

    I've emerged the latest version of libsdl and get the same result.
    Anyone have any ideas?

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    the only thing i can think of is if you compiled mplayer with USE="sdl" (or something like that). also add SSE, SSE2, MMX, etc in that USE "thingy" as it might help when using gl.

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    two things: first try -vo gl2 and -ao alsa

    With gentoo you need to compile mplayer with architecture specific flags to get optimal performance. The best way to see this is to to:

    emerge -va mplayer
    check out all the USE flags that it shows for processor stuff


    cat /proc/cpuinfo
    check out the cpuflags your processor has and add them to make.conf
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    Thanks for the help guys.
    Still couldn't get it to work with sdl, gl, or gl2 even after adding as many USE flags as seemed logical.

    I have however found that
    mplayer -zoom -fs filename
    seems to work fairly well.
    iirc that command didn't work too well on my older system, hence why i used sdl. But if its working now that all i care about.

    Once again thanks for the help, still not sure what the problem is, but i don't know that my gl is set up properly, as when i do a glxinfo, the vendor string is mesa, not ati as i would expect. I've done
    eselect opengl set ati
    and it says ok with no errors....

    at this point i don't care though until i find something i can't do... as i said this server is mainly set up for file/web/etc serving and i only occasionally boot to X to watch movies or play something on mame/nes/etc

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    you may also need to rebuild X with just the server for your video card enabled

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    Just a quick thing slightly off subject. You runing on your TV - Are you using MythTV or any other PVR? I'm about to set up a box with it on it.

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    You need to use the xv driver:

    mplayer -vo xv -fs filename

    or in gui go to preferences and on video tab select xv

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