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    Question Please Help: Regarding mozilla

    hi everyone,
    on accessing any website through mozilla on Redhat Linux 9.0, I get "Cache access denied" error. For your input information I want to give some information like....
    1. my system is inside a private LAN.
    2. I use IP address
    3. Address of internal proxy server is ( port:3128 )
    ( Which is Used in browsers configuration )
    4. Our global IP is like 212.x.x.11 (I don't know Exactly)
    5. Mozilla version is 1.2.26 (which comes with LINUX intallation).
    6. Other browser is working on same configuration.
    7. One month ago, mozilla was also working for same configuration.
    8. In order to access internet, when we press enter (after entering URLs) we
    get a windows for entering authorization information (user name &
    password). But presently in mozilla we are not getting this Authorization
    required window (I think this is my main problem).
    9. On using other browser (like galeon And konqueror ), we are able to get that authurization window.

    I think above information is sufficient. If any information is required please ask.Please give some idea so that I can aceess the net through mozilla.
    Can this problem is solved by updating the mozilla?


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    did you do anything to that users home directory as root
    this sounds like a permisson problem
    messing around with a users home as root can change the owner to root
    do a ls -l from /home if the owner is right cd to that directory and do ls -la to see who the owner of the
    .mozilla dicetory is if it is wrong just delet it and let mozilla rebuild it unless you have cookies,bookmarks and email you want to save if so them I sugest you use
    midnight commander to fix the owner back to that user

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    OH make sure the read write permisstions are set
    for both the users home and .mozilla

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