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    voice recording linux

    Hi everybody,

    have one question "How can i record voice in linux". I am using FC4. i would be happy if you could write a sample code. My wish is to do some thing like this

    >>program voice.wav
    !!!!----- records a voice from mic to "voice.wav"
    >>xine voice.wav

    and i hear it.

    Plase help me

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    i think sox is what you need. man sox should provide more information. also, if you have alsa installed you can use arecord.

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    Thakn you for answer

    i would like to do some voice processing also. Now the DSP part for me is not problem. I just have to now how can i with linux in c++ capture voice and from there on i know what to do


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    apparently i didn't understand correctly the first don't want an app that records wavs, you want to write one. well i guess you could look at the sox source code and get an idea, but i think you need a library to include in your app. maybe you should ask in the programming section. good luck.

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    look at arecord

    and the arecord source code.

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    i looked at internet and at alsa and i could not find source for arecord. There is code for aplay, amixer ... but no for arecord. Can any body help me?


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