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Thread: XMMS look

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    XMMS look

    i was once searching for XMMS plugins, when i came across a site that offered to make XMMS capable of doing what Winamp 3 does - have it's main window look something besides the traditional square-shaped-look.

    i can't seem to find this site anymore.

    anyone know where to look for this?
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    i already got xmms-kde dude! but that wasn't what i was looking for. there was this site that featured XMMS with the same capabilities as Winamp 3. that is if i'm not mistaken, coz i just sorta looked at that site for a minute before closing it. you know how Winamp 3 can change to different looks, not just a square-shaped player. tried looking for it again, but i couldn't find it.

    ey thanks nonetheless!
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    its a plugin called k-jofol (probably availible from that plugins part of ) it allows u to minimize xmms and have this plugin show up isntead, it is capable of non-square windows, pretty colors and all the other rubbish u could want. but as cool as it looks i dont use it coz i can never fidn the buttosn i want, eg. is play the smiley face or the sad one???

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    ok, whatever dude. we all have our own tastes & preferences. i'm just gonna try it out anyway. thanks for the tip.
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