Is there a tried and true method of importing from Evolution 1.4.6 to the latest version without losing everything. Or, is there a way to upgrade to the latest version on RHL9 so everything will be in the right place?

I've been using Evolution on a Red Hat Linux 9 machine for several years now. I've upgraded to the maximum version available for RHL9 (1.4.6). Haven't tried to update in a while, though.

I've installed FC4 on my new laptop and my workstation at home office. I want to import EVERYTHING from my Evolution client at work so I don't loose any folders, messages, contacts, calendar, etc.

All my searches have come up with is that simply copying the evolution folder in the home dir should be enough. Well it's not. For starters, v1.4.6 names it "~/evolution" whereas the version that comes with FC4 updates names it "~/.evolution".

I made a gzip tar-ball of the contents of my old Evolution dir, then transferred it to my new FC4 workstation and expanded in the "~/.evolution" directory. The new Evolution picked up exactly nothing from it.

I've see plenty of complaints/requests for a built-in importer for older Evolution clients upgrading to newer versions, but the only official response I've seen asked the user to submit a "feature request".

I know I'm not the only one in this predicament. What are others doing about it? I can't afford to rebuild and resort over 100 folders and several thousand messages, not to mention my contacts and calendar info.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

--Cal Webster