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    Content Filter

    Hi All,

    I am the system admin for a local non profit group. We have one Suse machine that I set up in a public lobby for general surfing, E-mail, etc.

    We were informed by our laywer that because we recieve Federal grant money and are open 24/7 to the general public that our machine needs a content filter.

    So far I have found Squid, Squid guard and Dan's guardian all of which filter by proxy. Can you run a proxy on the same machine I want to filter?

    What I would like to find is a standalone app that will filter by list or URL or keyword or whatever. In fact if I could even find an updateable hosts file I would use that and call it good enough.

    Any ideas??


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    ya run the proxy on the same machine and when you set up the internet apps (eg Firefox) configure them to connect through a proxy at (localhost)

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    I read this tutorial-

    What I need to know is what do I need to change to make it work on a single machine and...

    During the various package install it says to add (among other things)
    devel-tools, make or gmake, etc. These packages are not found by my
    machine. Are they absolutely required? Are they now part of the default
    install perhaps?

    I was a little confused on the ACL CONNECT section where you enter network
    information. It lists an IP address and a subnet and say to replace it
    with your own network information. Does it mean the ISP provided IP and
    subnet, our routers IP and sunbet, the machines assigned IP and subnet or
    something else?

    Further down in that same section it lists the localhost and subnet
    numbers but the subnet does not match the subnet listed previously. Is
    this by design to make it non routeable or is it a typo?



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