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    QDVDAuthor Commands missing

    This is my first post here, so excuse me if I'm not following proper conventions.

    I am trying to author a DVD from a .avi file. I have converted the file to a .mpg and even had luck authoring a menu-less DVD with Varsha (although I got an error when the program tried to make an ISO out of the video files - it still kept the "video-ts" folder so I was able to burn with k3b).

    Now 'Q' DVD-Author seems like the program for me - it looks like I can make nice menues and even break the title up into chapters (much more than Varsha can currently do, I think). However, after I get everything all set up, I click on "Creat DVD" button, and a window pops titled "Command Queue Dialog". Reading guids on QDVDAuthor, I know that there should be a list of commands given here, to start dvdauthor, etc. But the spaces where the screenshots in the guids have those commands are empty in my window. I get the impression that these should be automatically filled in, but they are not for me.

    Any ideas?


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    I'm having the same problem -- I'm running SuSE 9.3 and have tried everything I could think of, but still nothing appears in the command queue dialog command fields. I was able to do a "File->Export dvdauthor (xml)" and then run dvdauthor to make the DVD, but that can't be right. Also, I'm having a problem using a still image (jpeg) as the menu background. The "Open" dialog (which opens behind the main program window BTW) will only show video files -- not pictures. This doesn't seem to be right according to a Linux Journal article "DVD Mastering Using QDVDAuthor" (December 2005).

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    The solution for me was to download and install then CVS version from the QDVDAuthor webpage (do a google search). This fixed the problem imediatly. Since then I have upgraded to SUSE 10.1, and when I installed QDVDAuthor for the first time through the repositories, it worked right off. So you may be able to just do that too. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks, that did the trick. Not only are the command fields populated, but the "Open" dialog opens on top of the main form, and allows me to select a JPG for the menu background as well! Now let me see if it will actually make a DVD...

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