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    How to autostart freepops

    ok I installed freepops and I have 3 problems

    1.How can I perminently switch the port to 2001 instead of doing "-p 2001" everytime I log in.

    2. How can I make freepops auto start with thought going to the console eveytime I log in

    3. I am having trouble getting my hotmail account to login for some reason it will not connect.I has yahoo mail and that is working fine. I am only retreving mail from these account. (Using Kmail)

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    So does anyone have a clue how this could be done????????????????

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    It helps if you give your distribution, as various types of distros have their own way of running programs at startup.

    For a rough overview, you can look at, a page of mine that covers, very generally, how some systems start a program at boot.


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