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    can't play anything in mplayer!!

    wassup people!!

    I've downloaded the rpms for mplayer but can't seem to get it to play. Everytime I use mplayer to play a vob file which is supported by it, cache starts to get filled but only like 0.02% gets filled and then the message 'lmlm4 stream not found'. Can anyone shed some light on this!!

    My specs:
    Dell Inspiron 500m laptop
    256mb ram


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    What video driver are you using, if you're using gmplayer right click and go to preferences, otherise check your /etc/mplayer.conf file.

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    There may very well be something weird with just that vob file. Correct me if I'm wrong, but vob files are the DVD format, no? It's more than possible that they might have deviated a bit from the specification to implement some of those hateful "copyright protections" that CD manufacturers have been doing for years.

    Have you tried other vob files?

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    it does sound like a dogey file to me too.. if you are sure that it is not then
    you might be better to try compiling mplayer from source rather than useing the rpms. suse releases a broken version of mplayer to avoid copyright issues and i have a feeling that redhat will be just the same. download the source not the rpm from and compile it.. you need to have such things as gcc and gtk installed (gtk only if you need the gui)

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