I am trying to install snort in inline mode but am coming up against some dependency issues.
Originally I installed libnet-1.1, but after I realised that I needed to install libnet-1.0 for snort_inline to work I downloaded the libnet-1.0.2a source.
I did the usual commands, the same way I had done libnet-1.1.

debian:/usr/src/Libnet-1.0.2a# ./configure
debian:/usr/src/Libnet-1.0.2a# make
debian:/usr/src/Libnet-1.0.2a# make install

Libnet compiled etc. with no errors so i attempted the snort install again but it said i didnít have v1.0.x of libnet.h.

I ran 'head -4 /usr/include/libnet.h':
* $Id: libnet.h,v 2000/05/25 00:28:49 route Exp $
* libnet.h - Network routine library header file

Which shows that i still have v1.1 of libnet installed! I deleted libnet.h (rm /usr/include/libnet.h) and checked it had gone. A ran libnet-1.0.2a configure and make again, the libnet.h file was back in /usr/include but it is still showing it as version 1.1, how can this be??

I hadn't removed libnet-1.1 before i installed libnet-1.0, does this matter?

Any help with this problem is much appreciated.