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Thread: Amarok Problem

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    Amarok Problem

    I do hope i am asking this question in the right place,

    I have Suse 10 / winxp dual boot, 3gig ram, 3ghz pentium 4, PC that runs fine for mostly everything, But in Suse i am unable to play any mp3 files.
    While not critical in anyway it remains a minor annoyance. i recall that Xmms under suse 9 worked well and have tried that under v10 but nothing happens, as in nothing is added to the play list.
    So i tried the Amarok program instead. The program does add files to the main playlist and upon trying to play any one, it emits no sounds and skips to the next one, which skips so on and so forth.

    I did take notice of another post within these forums (but i only just found this place) with regards to making sure the system itself can play basic alert/notification sounds and that works to satisfaction.
    I recall vaguely that it is/was possible to output a file directly to the block device within the /dev folder, but upon inspection i found no device named like a sound device, or perhaps i was searching for the wrong thing.

    Any and All Help will be greatly appreciated.
    And i apologize forhand if a post already exists detail a solution to my problem.

    Kind Regards to All.

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    Suse doesn't include the necessary codecs to play mp3 or other music and video types out of the box. you have to check and make sure they're legal where you are then download and install them either from the repositories or from an .rpm
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    Thanks for the response, i will see what i can turn up from Yast2 Online Update, once i work out why it cant find the server list.

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    MP3s in Amarok SuSE 10.0

    I have a similar problem trying to play mp3 files on SuSE 10.0 from my Windows server. I can locate and queue the files in Amarok, but they never play. I finally realized if I copy them locally they will play, but that's not a great solution. Any suggestions on being able to stream these files from a Window server?


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