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Thread: gaim 0.75

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    gaim 0.75

    is the compatibility issue with gaim 0.74 with yahoo really ok in 0.75? yesterday i messaged an offline buddy and then when it got to her it said there that this game version is not compatible.. . she got the messages though but with that added warning. guess i should just revert to 0.72 then, or 0.73, or is yahoo doing something to prevent those who use apps, like gaim, from connecting, like what MSN did?
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    Yahoo changed their protocol before M$ did.. but the most recent versions of most open source IM clients have updated versions of the protocols already.. so if you make sure you get the latest build from the gaim homepage ( you should be fine.

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    yep, i did get it from the official gaim site. it was version 0.75 that i was using just this week and i couldn't see my buddies online. one buzzed me and i'm not getting it. i tried to IM another buddy and nothing came out on the other end. but i did get to connect to yahoo. so something must still be wrong with version 0.75. it said there that server should be changed but the said version does this automatically already. so i would say the problem is not fulyy fixed yet.
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    ok, nevermind this. it's ok now. maybe it was just some bug that time.. .
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