I am installing Berkeley DB (http://dev.sleepycat.com/) on VectorLinux 5.1 - a Slackware derivative - which purportedly comes with the standard install. When I enter "locate berkeley" the following shows:
Question 1: Does anyone know what the *_svc files do? According to the coloration they should be executable, so - as root - the command "./berkeley_db4_svc" yields
Cannot register service:RPC: Unable to receive; errno = Connection refused
unable to register (DB_RPC_SERVERPROG, DB_RPC_SERVERVERS, tcp).
According to the manual there is a requirement to enter the build_unix directory to compile and make, but there is no such directory.

Question 2: Can I conclude there are no installation files after all?

I do see however the following files (edited for brevity):
so the VectorLinux installation somehow seems poised for Berkeley DB too.

Thanks in advance