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    xcdroast OR gnometoaster included with redhat ?????

    Hi everybody ..
    I'm really newbie so that i will ask more quesion instead of one
    the quesion is the subject title

    i've installed redhat linux 9 recently ..
    i was searching for how to burn cds using my fast cd-write 4x speed Actually it is 52x

    i visited this page from redhat site :

    as written .. i should have xcdroast installed not gnometoaster !
    what's wrong ?!
    the quesion is why my system is different ? is there any wrong with redhat documentation or my redhat version ? I DONT HAVE XCDROAST !

    if redhat does not include this program withIN the distro , then i may install it myself ?
    well. i visited this page ( xcdroast developer ) :

    i found they're talking about cdrtools 2.00.3 : how can i make sure that i have it installed ?

    I found this rpm package :

    i need your advice just install this rpm package or following the instructions provided at "" for building my own rpm package ? Maybe this a good idea to know something new "building my own RPM"

    thank you in advance

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    if u download an rpm of xcdroast, eithe rfrom the site u found or from or any number of other places, it will tell u what it needs isntalle dbefore it will isntall itself, this will include things like cdrtools adn anything else.

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    thank you hellmasker of replay ..
    but the main quesiion is "is there any wrong the redhat documentation ? "

    hellmasker ..i tried to install some rpms and they told me what must be installed before i can iinstall these rpms .. I noticed something ! below :
    when i'm trying to install from GUI and it needs something installed first . it just hides and no response telling the the list of packages needed .. redhat 8 does that but rh9 does not !! then rh8 is better than rh9
    sure ..installing the rpms using this command : rpm - Uvh rpmpackage.rpm informs me in details ..

    then we have another problem .. why when im installing rpms in GUI does nt tell me what i need ? or why it just stops responding with not signs ?

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    That GUI RPM installer is probably one of the worst programs RedHat has written. Honestly, I don't even understand why they distribute it when it works so badly. In my experience, it works less than half of the times I've tried to use it. If you want my opinion, don't use it.

    As for something being wrong with the documentation, I think a "maybe" would be the right answer. The reason that you don't have xcdroast is clearly that you did not install it. I guess that is because it isn't in RedHat's default installation, though. Probably, the documentation is just a bit out-of-date. xcdroast used to be the default CD burning program in older RedHat versions.

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