I was thinking, like I think I normally do (well, I thought I was thinking normally), and I thought of something I don't normally think I think up.

It was an idea for a Gmail application, bringing Gmail to the desktop. I haven't thought much about this on Linux, because I'm fairly new to using Linux, but I've seen it "done" on Windows. There's this thing called the Gmail API, developed by some people to make Gmail notifiers, etc. to bring Gmail to your desktop. I used to use my own POP3 account, running out of Thunderbird, until I discovered Gmail.

I thought Gmail was the most ingenius email application I'd ever seen. What I liked best was that you had the ability to view all emails in "conversation" format, which put all the replies in one email, where clicking on it opened up the entire conversation between any of the people. It didn't clutter up my inbox at all, and I thought it was wonderful.

So, this is where we get to my idea. I downloaded the Gmail API and downloaded a application made with it, "Gmailer-XP" which was supposed to do everything Gmail could do, only in desktop format. It didn't work, so I never really got to check it out.

But I was thinking that we could do this with Linux. We could make a Linux application that would bring Gmail to the Linux desktop, maybe even running from that little tray down in the corner (I know it's the System Tray in Windows...what is it in Linux?), and it would make Gmail a whole lot easier to use. Or, if this could be done by developing an extension for Thunderbird, well, that's even less work.

I was also thinking about using the same idea with Pandora, to make a Pandora app and bring it to the desktop.

So, if this kind of stuff already exists, then would somebody please point me to a place I can get it?

Would using the Gmail Agent API even work on Linux?

Just putting something out there...and remember - Kevin said all this. Where Kevin is a random entity of the Linux Forums Community who doesn't know nothin' about nothin.' (from Mostly Harmless, or So Long and Thanks For All the Fish)

Edit: Found another thing that might be of some interest.

Edit: Did some more thinking. This idea could be applied to del.icio.us as well. Maybe del.icio.us, Gmail, and Pandora all combined in one application? No, that would only be useful to me. Maybe it could be an application that supported lots of "mini-applications," and by default it comes with Gmail, del.icio.us, and Pandora, and users could script additional ones? That would be an interesting idea...