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Thread: Vi issues

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    Vi issues

    I was editing a file in vi, the application crashed resulting a reboot of the system and when I go back and try to edit the same file it returns that it is now read only.

    I've deleted the file.swp and the file~ that tend to get created sometime when these things happen. I still am unable to edit the file in question.

    How can I edit this file?

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    What are the permissions for that file set to?
    To check, issue an
    ls -l
    on the directory that it's in to see what they are set to. To change them, use the chmod command.

    Hope this helps!
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    The directories were when created set to chmod 0511, i've even trying accessing them as root (super user), vi still states that its read-only. Unfortunately i'll have to do some more research on this issue since i'm currently stuck at work.

    Thanks for any kind of help in this issue.

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    If you look here you'll see a short and concise tut on chmod usage.

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