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    how to start app

    i just used the rpm command
    rpm -ivh filename for installing a package
    called antidialer for dialing into my isp...

    Rpm also shows that the package is installed well.
    The question is how do i start the app??

    i dont find any shortcuts in the Gnome panel and its sub menus!!

    How can i start it.. how can i find it.

    Im a windows power user, and i have read suse for dummies(I use suse 10.0) but i am unable to figure out what to do with this problem.. Please help me.. since i cannot access internet from linux if i dont figure this out

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    Type it's name in a console.

    Im a windows power user, and i have read suse for dummies
    Those "* for dummies" books dont really help. I've read one long time ago and didnt learn a thing from it. I mean that everything was obvious and you can learn it by yourself. They teach you how take a mouse, move cursor over an icon, then use your finger to press left mouse button. I would sugges you to get more proffesional books like "SUSE 10 Unleashed" and "SUSE Linux Bible". After reading them you will feel in Linux as at home

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    try typing the name of the program in a termal window


    Go to the directory where it's biniary is installed open a terminal window and ./nameofbiniary

    ./ executes a file

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    Easier still, use the Find option in your Gnome menu to search for the file, then see if you can double-click it to run it from the results window.
    Make a note of where you found it, and add a menu item and/or panel button to make it easier to dial up.
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    I'm using KDE, so I can't swear exactly how Gnome does it.
    Try right clicking the Gnome start button. there should
    be an option to edit the menus. Choose to add a new
    item. It will give you a dialog. The critical field will be
    "command". I'm betting your command is /usr/bin/antidialer

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