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    Anybody installed nautilus-rpm on RH9?

    Has anybody had any success at installing nautilus-rpm on RH9. I gave it a shot and worked through the configure process, but it fails during the compile. I get the error that “LD can’t find lelf”.

    Anybody seen this?

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    yeah...i tried installin nautilus on my redhat9 box and it failed during the configure process box is down rite now so i cant access it but
    i'll gv it a shot again and post the error message.
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    Well, I actually made it through the configure step. It did fail because some packages were not loaded on the machine, but I spent some time and got what it wanted loaded and made it through the configure and thought I was home free.

    It's the complile that fails.

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    So the first error "ld: cannot find lelf" I found after a few google searches that gave close enough results is complaining about not being loaded.

    After that I got the error "ld: cannot find lbz2". This one I really couldn't find a google match to, but after thinking about it for a while and looking through the install cd's at the rpm's it was that the package was not loaded

    After that it compiled

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