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    Question Bittorrent - Python Version Mismatch

    I try to download and compile from scratch Bittorrent, Python, wxPython, GTK, PyGTK.
    There is a mismatch version of Bittorrent and Python:

    What is the best version of Bittorrent for Python 2.4.3?

    Is there any compatibility match table on internet?

    Thank you.

    From Bittorrent FAQ:

    Trackback (most recent call last):
    File "/usr/bin/bittorrent", line 17, in ?
    from BitTorrent.platform import install_translation
    ImportError: No module named BitTorrent.platform.

    This error indicates that you have installed BitTorrent for the wrong version of Python, or perhaps that you have multiple conflicting versions of BitTorrent installed.

    Here's what to do:
    Check to see if the latest version of BitTorrent, 4.2, is available through your operating systems official software archives. If it is, install that version. If it is not, contact your operating system vendor and ask them why BitTorrent is not yet available.
    If BitTorrent is not available through official channels, you must install it yourself:
    Uninstall *all* versions of BitTorrent using the software package management tools that came with your operating system.
    Check the version of Python that you have installed by typing python -V in a shell.
    Download the package for the latest version of BitTorrent that matches the version of Python that was printed in the previous step. Do not install the package for a different version of python other than the one printed in the previous step, that will not work. Seriously. We've tried it.

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    I found the solution:

    1. Bittorrent are not compatible with Python 2.4.3, if you build it using "--enable-debug" parameter during "./configure".
    Get the Python 2.4.3 source code from "Fedora Core Development" (src.rpm), unpack it using rpm2cpio or use "rpmbuild --rebuild" command.

    2. "/usr/bin/bittorrent" (GUI version) cannot run on pygtk alone. You must install pygobject. Make sure the version of gtk, pygtk and pygobject match.

    I use gtk-2.9.0, pygtk-2.9.0 and pygobject-2.9.0

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