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Thread: ppp script

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    ppp script

    I installed rh 8.0, I have an isdn ta (Zyxel Omni net lcd plus) and I'd like to connect to the internet with it.
    Using the 'wizard' red hat network tool, the supported ta's list is very short and mine is not listed (as well as most popular), so how can I get connected?
    I was thinking about a ppp script, but I don't know which and how to use it.
    Would you give me an advice please?

    P.S.: I tried with kppp and it works, but I prefer using a gnome app or a script if using gnome desktop.

    Thanks in advance.

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    i am not totally shure under red hat but i am running mandrake bascily i do not think that gnome haaaaaaaaas dial program with you cd look for kppd or remote conection and you need to configure the modem making shure that it is seen by the os if your useing an internal modem chance are preety god that it wil not work most curent internal modems are winmodems which means that the running of the modem is done thru the os and controled buy the cpu find a old 56k external modem and that will work if your running dsl or broad band there is diffrent settings for that do a google search also if you do not know haow to configure the omdem do a google search

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    isdn's last i checked are NOT winmodems... gnoem has a thing called gnome-ppp-dialer which shoudl eb on your distro cd's.


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