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    KDE Panel auto-hide broken

    At first auto-hiding seems to work fine.
    Then after a longer while one of two things happens:
    a) the panel stops auto-hiding and will cover the windows permanently. unchecking and rechecking 'auto-hide' will not help.
    b) the panel stops reacting to the mouse and _stays_ hidden all the time. only help here is to change the desktops and have 'show panel when switching desktops' enabled, and then make sure that the mouse is over the panel when it shows for a split second, to keep it from disappearing again.
    Quite a silly bug, easy to fix? Please help me out.

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    Yeah, it is a really silly bug!

    Try this command:

    dcop kicker Panel restart
    ... and, then, reconfigure your panel settings.

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    $ dcop kicker Panel restart
    ERROR: Couldn't attach to DCOP server!
    There's another fix around about stopping and restarting the waaaaaay over-featured plasma stuff. Once I relocate it, I'll try to remember and get back here and edit the info in.

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