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Thread: Apollon

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    well, you know what, it is for me:P im having th exact same problem..... i would apreciate some help.... where can i get that libtool

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    okay... this ****ing sucks.... sorry aobut that, but im sooo frustrated..... so, i installed (tried to install the libltdl-devel which i had to convert from a rpm to a .deb, at least i learned to use alien) and i got this error,

    trying to overite 'usr/share/aclocal/ltdl.m4', in package libtool

    dpkg-deb:subpresses paste killed by signal (broken pipe)
    errors where encountred while processing:
    //home/davou/desktop/15/(.deb here)

    ..... now ive been trying at this for almost 2 weeks now..... and its seriously pissing me off.... everytime i think ive made progress, something messes it up for me (im probly messing it up, but still)....

    btw, i also found a bug.... i cant paste to a browser from another window, but you know what, that dont bug me half as much as all these make problems are..... please help me before i sacrifice a cat to the make gods in hopes of appeasing them

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    If it makes you feel any better I had a nightmare installing apollon too. In the end I also gave up and I now use limewire and mldonkey. They works fine.
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    yeah, but the thing is, lime wire and gnuttella based networks dont cut it... there arent the files i need, not to mention just making a connection is horribly hard..... and what kind of a nerd would be if i didnt get this resolved?:P

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