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    Banshee playlist sort

    I recently switched from rhythmbox to banshee, because I like the interface much better. My problem is I can't find a way to sort, or to even change the order of the playlists (not the songs of the playlists, but the playlists themselves). Some are chronological to when I created them, so are random. I did the old google search and I took a look at some of the gconf keys, but I have found nothing.

    Thanks in advace

    oh, and I am using Banshee 0.10.10
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    Hi, I found this post via google. It's the only 'useful' hit on this topic I got...I'm wondering why there are not more complaints all over the web.

    I'm using banshee 0.12.1 and have the same problem, did you find a solution for it?
    I installed banshee because I was annoyed with audacious. Audacious lets me move one single song up and down a playlist. I can mark several songs, but not _move_ more than one!

    I thought these are simple tasks that everybody uses on a daily basis, how come these players don't give me the ability to sort playlists the way I want.
    I can sort songs by a dozen criterias by clicking on columns, but not in my own way? There are a gajillion plugins out there, did maybe someone think of making one that let's you sort your playist? This is ridiculous!

    Did none of the developers ever make a mixtape??

    Downloading rhythmbox right now, I'd prefer banshee because of its ability to play songs on an ipod without synchronizing.

    I still can't believe problems like this exist in the 21st century.

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    Quote Originally Posted by p748 View Post
    I'm using banshee 0.12.1 and have the same problem, did you find a solution for it?
    Nope, I never found a solution.
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    Some little Banshee bugs

    Hi peeps! I found this little bug in Banshee as well. Try clicking on one column (any one) until the little arrow disappears. This will usually be three clicks, one will sort the column alphabetically a-z, then z-a, then the next click the arrow is gone and you can now drag and drop and rearrange your playlists however you like. Hope it works for you!

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