Ok now K3b is a freakin awsome GUI, one of the best programs I have used to burn cd's, it could be buffed on its edges a little bit but its still good. The only thing that vex's me is I would love a nice lil program that can make dupplicates very fast from one iso file, I.E. Like in Nero I can select 4 drives at the same time and burn cds, primarily music cds to be exact. There is a linux version of Nero, but I heard its not too good because the opensource stuff just smashed its development and future. I tried using Disc-O-Matic but its not entirely what im looking for. But I know that K3b is just a gui to cdrdao and the other one (LOL)
So I guess would you have to make a script that would launch the program on all three drives? Is it possible to do that and if so then I will probably build work on a script, but does anyone have knowledge of this? I made album covers, web images in gimp, I have some barcode program from suse which is good, also I can record in ardour, now if I have duplications from one Iso. Then that is the complete greatness of an extent of multimedia. The route linux is going with audio is amazing, most programs didnt start out this good but think about in 5 years, it could take the industry like the Cinepaint did with movies.
Anyways, anyone know anything, it would help a lot!