Im using a live-cd (backtrack) and am trying to torify some of my internet connections.

Backtrack comes with Tor but no privoxy. completly a pain in the ass.

practically everything with backtrack is done with root, almost all file permissions are set for root (as to my knowledge). so adding in another user is completly a pain in the ass and even once thats done I'd have to do it every boot since its a live-cd.

the problem is apparently privoxy dosnt like being installed as root, I get this

id: privoxy: No such user
************************************************** ****************
WARNING! WARNING! installing config files as root!
It is strongly recommended to run privoxy as a non-root user,
and to install the config files as that user and/or group!
Please read INSTALL, and create a privoxy user and group!
************************************************** *****************
make: *** [install] Error 1

during make install. any ideas? suggestions? if I can get this to install as root I can make a module for it and then not have to do this anymore (my eventual goal) or if theres some way to use tor without using privoxy, id love to know.

thanks, sorry for being newbish.