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Thread: Using Samba

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    Using Samba


    I'm a relatively unexperienced user of Linux (actually, I only work with it for 4 days now), and I have questions on how to use the Samba to have access to my Windows disk drive so that I can work on files there (i have both OS in one disk). A bit of comprehensive explanation on how it is done, will help me very much !

    Thank you on advance for any answers !

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    Samba is just used over the network, to access shares from other windows computers (or to share to other windows computers).
    To access a local Windows partition, you must first know what partition it is on (/dev/hda1, /dev/hda2 or similar). Then, as root, run "mount -t <fs> <partition> <mountpoint>". <fs> should be the filesystem that the windows partition uses, ie. ntfs or vfat (depending on whether you use NTFS or FAT). <partition> is, of course, the partition, and <mountpoint> is where in the linux filesystem you want to "put" the windows files. For example, "mount -t vfat /dev/hda3 /mnt/windows" will mount a FAT partition that resides /dev/hda3 (the third partition on your first hard drive) so that they'll be accessible in /mnt/windows. Note, that you'll have to create the directory "/mnt/windows", first. Run "mkdir /mnt/windows" to do that.

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