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    rpm is hanging on simple requests

    Im not sure if there is some sort of lockfile that needs resetting for rpm, but i cant do anything with rpm as it just hangs without clocking up any CPU time (almost as if it waits for a lock file). This applies to anything rpm related, even querying a file. Im not sure whats wrong. I have tried rebuilding the database, but of course that hangs. Anyone got any ideas?

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    Sounds like the rpm database has 'hung', but I'm afraid I don't remember how I solved it, I zaped some files and rebuild the db, I'll see if I can find the google result that solved it for me.

    [EDIT]I think I did something like this:
    rm -rf /var/lib/rpm/__db* && rpm --rebuild
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    thankyou very much. That worked a treat. I thought it was something to do with files hindering rpm. Will remember to remove those __db.* files in the future. Thanks again.


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