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    suggestions for a file manager

    Ive just installed Xfce but dont want to use Xffm (I haven't even installed it) so I am now short of a file manager.

    Can anyone suggest one which is similar to konquerer or more to the point similar to MS windows. Id use konquerer but you have to install KDE base and its dependancies.

    Thunar is the obvious choice but is it stable enough? Xfce 4.4 is still beta 1 and it puts me off.

    many thanks

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    Well, if you want to avoid installing QT or GTK, then you can try tkdesk, which uses tk/tcl. Or if you don't mind the ncurses interface, there's midnight commander.
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    You can find a bunch of ideas here:
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    i am using a lightweight filemanager called Xfe, similar to the ms explorer setup.

    take a look:

    just download the foxlibs sources, the xfe sources and compile them.
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    I use Rox with Xfce4 but it's not much like Konqueror. Xfe as suggested by easuter is quite a bit like Windows Explorer. The latest thing and considered quite cool, is Thunar, the file manager designed for the next version of Xfce.

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    thanks guys!!

    I considered endeaver mark 2 but have settled with Xfe. Its seems to be just what Im after.

    Rox looks good though and is definatly something im going to try sometime.

    once again many thanks! You got me sorted well quick!

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