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    NVIDIA drivers messed up my X server

    Hi there,

    I'm looking for the following help: I've just installed the 8762 version of the NVIDIA drivers for my 6600GT, everything ran just fine (after 2 days of setting up the system and the correct packages for running the instalation). It automatically configured the X server (nvidia-xconfig). Beautifull.

    But when I try to start X, it says the configuration is not correct, and asks if I want to reconfigure it, it sort of works (strangelly blinking the prompt screen), but, when it starts, I think it's not starting any window manager, because the windows cannot be resized, moved or minimized - they open from the corner of the screen, maximized. Also, some programs concerning to display settings (like resolution) don't work.

    Well, after the last days giving my blood to correctly configure my Fedora 5 distro to function, I'm starting to get a little anoyed. Why is a so perfect OS so hard to deal with?

    By the way, I'm writing from my Win XP boot, wich, although crashes a lot (I mean a lot INDEED, comparing to Linux), is far easier to setup, and install and run the apps. In fact, I wished Linux had at least 50% the Windows ease to use...

    Well, by now I'm just waiting for someone to help me...

    Thanks a lot, guys!

    Diogo Baeder

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    Linux Guru bigtomrodney's Avatar
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    I had some really strange effects and weirdness like that using nVidia drivers when I ran it at 16bit color. See if yours is set like this and change it to 24 bit - In the screen section change
    DefaultDepth    16
    DefaultDepth    24

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    Hi, Tom,

    Thanks for the reply!

    How can I change the color settings? In this session screen, how can I reach them?

    Thanks, buddy!


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    You'll find that setting in your X config file. I don't know if FC uses or XFree86, so the path is either:


    probably the first one.

    Note that you'll need root privileges to edit this file.

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    Hi there, people!

    Hey, I didnīt know there are these two different windows managers, and XFree86, I thought they were the same!

    Well, my case is, as I checked here, and I found the settings. Donīt know why, but Iīm starting correctly RL5 only with KDE, while Gnome is a little messed up, as I described earlier.

    I picked up some information about the malfunctioning of the NVIDIA driver on my Fedora: the X server just doesnīt start if I use the 'nvidia' driver at 'xorg.conf', and I think the kernel versions are different - the one I use and the one compiled by NVIDIA during the setup process -, even is I use 'sh NVIDIA-Linux....... --kernel-name='2.6.17-1.2139_FC5'', as described one a site, for compiling specifically for this version of kernel.

    Well, any other ideas?


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