Hello! I have a problem, and seeing as my first ever post on this site proved fruitful in mere hours, perhaps my second one will too!

I have Redhat 9, with absolutely no Linux experience, and Domino 6.5 for Linux, which appears to be almost fully functional. Incoming mail works beautifully, the HTTP server is good, and everything seems hunky dory except for outgoing mail. When I try to send outgoing mail to my Yahoo! account, I get this:

Error Transferring message <message ID> to <yahoo servers> 501 syntax error in parameters or arguments.

As far as I know (which isn't very far, apparently) everything is fine in the Domino server configuration documents, and when I had a similar system operating under Windows, I never had this problem. Does anybody know what this is?

I've already disabled sendmail, which I know is a cause of these sort of problems, but it didn't solve it! Is there another SMTP engine running thats causing a problem? When Domino starts up, it appears to find no problems starting the SMTP server, so why can't it send!!?

'precciate it...[/code]