I'm trying to get NPR's smil web stream to play via ALSA. The MPlayer plugin to firefox was doing an ok job with it but it was not pre-bufferring between tracks so there was always a long delay between them. And now for some reason it's only playing the first track and then stopping.

The ideal way would be to get RealPlayer to do it. I use USB speakers that are configured for ALSA output so I need a way to get Realplayer to use alsa.

I tried 'aoss realplay' and it almost plays the first track (although there's no sound at all, from oss or alsa). And then it complains that the audio output device is busy when it tries to play the second track (like the first track has hold of it). Anyway, it's not playing any sound in the first place, so it's not working.

Can anyone suggest another way to get Realplay to send it's output via ALSA? Are there other apps that could do it? I've tried mplayer, amarok, xmms, and kaffiene. None are able to handle smil.