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    Open Call: Financial Application Ponderance


    I don't have a lot of time to work with Linux but I'm watching and waiting to see when I can get my home off of Windows.

    As far as I can tell there is only one piece missing in the Linux world which may be out there, I just haven't seen it.

    Reliable, Linux based personal financial applications; if there were a viable alternative to Quicken and MS Money, that was acceptable to major financial institutions, I think you would see a tremendous upsurge in the acceptance of Linux as a day to day computing platform for the average Joe.

    Just a thought, don't get out your gun, get out your protractor and tell me where to go.

    I'm almost there in the business world;
    I have to use Remote Desktop, Linux has that, it's crude but serviceable
    I need to open MS documents, not quite there but getting there
    I can't get pcAnywhere web client to run in Konquerer, maybe I need a different installation. Try it's an activeX control so good luck.
    The SonicWall GUI doesn't work right on Konquerer and FireFox so I'm stuck there.
    Half of the VPN client I need to use have no alternative in the Linux world. Why is that since most of the majore VPN vendors run some form of proprietery POSIX kernel or another?

    Anyway, your thoughts?

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    For ActiveX, the Mozilla browser (note: not Firefox) has an ActiveX control plugin that you might try.

    For financial software, a quick look at a Windows-Linux equivalence table ( nets the following list (note that I have checked none of these):

    GnuCash, KMyMoney, jGnash, MoneyDance, Grisbi, PLCash, CrossOver Office with Quicken, lazy8ledger

    You will note CrossOver Office: this is a program designed for business applications to run in Linux. It's a lot like Wine, only it's run by a fulltime professional team. Worst comes to worst, you might look into it.

    I hope some of that will help.

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    quick books

    I could convert my whole business to linux if a quickbooks or peachtree like app existed for Linux. ARG!

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    There is a QuickBooks alternative called MyBooks Professional. It's non-free program and must by purchased, but then so does QuickBooks. It can even import QuickBooks data by using the trial Windows version of MyBooks and then transfering that data to Linux.

    There are quite a few personal finance apps for Linux. Here is a list. HomeBank is a cool looking one that wasn't mentioned in the earlier post.

    I'm not sure if it would fit your situation, but NX is a very cool remote desktop solution.

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