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Thread: Video Podcasts

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    Video Podcasts

    I'm surprised that I can't find much, if any, on this subject for linux apps (although maybe my search skills need upgrading).

    Basically, how to watch them using an "itunes like" format ?

    I have tried Banshee, Amorak and Rhythmbox, but none seems to have the ability to play out a video. Video doesn't need to play in the app, I just want to select the music/video track in my music library list, and then when the app finds that its a video, it launches a video playing app.

    I also want to receive from other libraries using DAAP. I have DAAP on Rhythmbox and Banshee, but Amorak doesn't seem to support DAAP yet. Also, I'd like to have a "browse my library" selection interface of the sort that iTunes displays at the top of the music library list. Rhythmbox has this, which is great.

    So ideally, I'd like to know how to use Rhythmbox to launch video this possible ? I'm on kubuntu dapper, but don't necessarily have to stick to kde apps as long as what I'm after actually works.

    Thanks for any help out there.

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    Prosumers are using this technology as well, but for completely different purposes: mainly targeting desktop and offline (iPod) use, and call their efforts video blogs, vlogs, vlogging and vcasts, which are easily mistaken for but are not the same as vodcasts aka video podcasts. Surprising, I too couldn't find anything in detail.


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    I'm not familiar with Rhythmbox, but there are basically two steps to this:

    1) Find video-playing software you like
    2) Figure out how to launch the videos

    Now then: 1) is pretty simple. The most popular video players on Linux are MPlayer, xine, and VLC. Try 'em out! I personally like MPlayer, but the other two are also good.

    Now then, can you add video files to your Rhythmbox library? If so, it's likely that somewhere in the options you can name "Helper Applications", one of which should be for video files. Just take the name of your player (mplayer, xine, vlc, etc.) and stick it in there. And there you go!

    If you can't add video files to the library, then you'll probably need to run them by hand from Konqueror.

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    I've had similar problems with Rhythmbox. I find that it appears as if the video podcast downloads within Rhythmbox have failed, but if you actually navigate to the podcast directory it seems to have downloaded correctly. It might be useful to open a ticket with the gnome people about this problem, though in all likelihood they already know about it. It has been a persistent problem, though.

    I have also attempted to use Rhythmbox to download video torrent podcasts, and that fails completely. Obviously, Rhythmbox has a lot of room for improvement, but it seems to be the most competent pod-catcher out there.

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